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Questions tagged [wormhole]

Questions regarding a theoretical 'tunnel' through spacetime which could potentially allow time travel.

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Is it possible that some "stars" or "black holes" have "wormholes" in their center? [closed]

Seems like if the mass of a "star" or "black hole" changed without absorbing or expelling anything, then that would be an indicator that there is a "wormhole" inside. ...
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My question is about the warp of time and space near black holes

I have seen some recent articles indicating that there might not be a singularity at the center of black hole at all1. Have further heard commentary about black holes that spin incredibly fast. I was ...
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Could vacuum expansion arising from the Big Bang be a consequence of entanglement?

The model assumed here is that the vacuum is a coherent 4-d manifold, embedded in a background of quantum spacetime “foam”, or bulk. It is further assumed the bulk is itself disentangled, possessing ...
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In 2023, is space still thought to be "filled with a network of wormholes"?

The September 2009 YouTube music video Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Symphony of Science) at about 00:30 depicts a clip from (what I think is) ...
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What is the concept of wormholes? [duplicate]

My main queries for now I guess: What is the theory behind wormholes? What is the possibility and likeliness of their existence based on scientific analysis, not conspiracy theories? What is the ...
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What if wormholes were created when a black hole and white hole collide? [closed]

Scientists have discovered black holes, white holes and wormholes but I am still unsure how they came to life. Did the black holes collide with the white hole causing a mixture of both or is there ...
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How could we observe a wormhole?

A wormhole is a sort of tunnel that could connect two points in spacetime. These are theoretical objects that have not been observed. What observational evidence could we look for to confirm (or ...
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Wormholes man made are real? [closed]

Can we bend two points of spacetime in a way we would create a wormhole ?Why havent we tried it yet?How much energy would we need to do it?
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Can Einstein-Rosen bridges - if they exist - link two points of which one lies outside of the observable universe of the other?

So there's stuff very far away that is, due to expansion, accelerating away faster than the speed of light, so fast that its light will never reach us even with infinite time - and we can't reach that ...
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Existence of wormholes and exotic matter [duplicate]

Is it really possible for bending of space time to travel to another distant place in universe. Wormhole has two mouths which one is a black hole and another is a white hole which could let us out. ...
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Black Holes and Worm Holes [closed]

Can a Black Hole enter inside a Worm hole? If yes then what will a observer observe if it present at the another side of Worm hole?
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If wormholes exist and behave like we think they do, can we cross them without "negatively charged matter "? [closed]

I heard and read that a wormhole will collapse if they transport any positively charged matter. So, if wormholes exist, they probably close as soon as normal matter enters it, how can we access them ...
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Are wormholes even possible?

While this question could fall under Space Exploration or Physics (I don't have the "best" reputation on THAT forum), I feel that it is very much related to how the universe itself functions, ...
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Would a Einstein–Rosen bridge change size and/or position in an expanding Universe?

I appreciate that a Einstein–Rosen bridge has never been observed but since there are some valid theories in General Relativity I thought I'd ask this. Would the start and end point of a Einstein–...
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What you would see in a wormhole?

Science fiction seems to depict the experience of traveling through wormholes (if possible of course) as seeing psychedelic colors or lines of light where stars once were (ie. 2001 or Contact). I ...
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Existence of multiple universe?

In this youtube video, Prof. Michio Kaku mentions there could be multiple universes and if there are, then there could be a worm hole to some other universe. My question is: We are not sure if the ...
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What would happen if a wormhole gets swallowed by a black hole?

Assume wormholes exist. One hole allows matter to pop out of another hole somewhere else in the universe. If one end of the wormhole is swallowed by a black hole, then no information can get from ...
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Is a Wormhole a tunnel? [closed]

In films such as Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Contact (and also Star Trek Deep Space Nine) wormholes are depicted as tunnels along the edges of which fantastical colours and shapes lie. ...
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What is a wormhole?

I have learned that there are white holes and black holes in the universe, but I am confused as to what a wormhole is. Is it a tunnel that connects black and white holes?
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