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Both ESA and NASA have a policy that data need to be made available after a certain grace period. Look at the respective satellite mission like you look at the sentinel mission pages and you will likely be able to find the ressources or links to them. E.g. for Mars express, the data are all gathered in the data archive on


$k_2$ is one of three tidal Love-Shida numbers related to how gravitation of another body (Jupiter in this case) changes a planet-like body's second degree spherical harmonics (Io in this case). Three Love and Shida numbers exist for each degree of spherical harmonic coefficients. The three Love-Shida numbers for a given degree $n$ are $k_n$, which ...


It is called Tidal love number. The definition is as follows: In Newtonian gravitational theory, a tidal Love number relates the mass multipole moment created by tidal forces on a spherical body to the applied tidal field. The Love number is dimensionless, and it encodes information about the body's internal structure. (Poisson, 2009) For Io, the ...

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