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How does a galaxy in Abell 2261 exist without a black hole in the center?

The Brightest Cluster Galaxy (BCG) in Abell 2261 ("Abell 2261-BCG") is a massive elliptical; these almost always seem to have supermassive black holes in their centers. In addition, the ...
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What is this object visible in the Chandra image of the Cartwheel galaxy that isn't visible in JWST image?

I did a SIMBAD search around the coordinates of the Cartwheel Galaxy and found multiple X-ray sources, reported in Gao et al. (2003) and Wolter & Trinchieri (2004): The ones you've boxed are ...
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Light curves for Chandra

PI files, or more commonly PHA files, are higher level data products derived by binning the (cleaned) event list by the registered PI/PHA channel of each event, which should correspond to their energy....
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How does a galaxy in Abell 2261 exist without a black hole in the center?

Physics doesn't require a black hole at the centre of a galaxy, it just indicates that it is likely. All you need is mass. If the mass is not dense enough to form a black hole, it can still be high ...
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Fits file re-alignment

I ended up making my own small code that you can find here: Essentially, after inputting at least 3 matching ...
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Why would a black hole have a disk, but not emit x-rays?

As far as I know, accretion disks around black holes do emit X rays. If this X rays are not detected may depend on technology limitations.
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