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If w bosons can create dark matter neutrinos by decay, can they also create dark energy?

The W boson has a lifetime of $3\times 10^{−25}$ seconds. So any big bang W bosons will have long decayed. So they are not a dark energy source. Also, they produce "hot" relativistic decay ...
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The consequences and the mechanisms of a shift of the Earth away from the sun

Your idea of a planetary-mass black hole is on track. The real challenge here is that the black hole only gets one chance to change the orbit as it passes through the solar system. It would definitely ...
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Does dark matter exist because as Einstein said the laws of physics should be the same inside and outside a black hole?

The simple answer is: no. The reason is that there is no mechanism preventing matter from speeding when falling into a black hole (it cannot move faster than light according to the local light cones, ...
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