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Size of the solar system relative to exosystems

Short Answer: Our solar system may be at or new the record for one or two qualities of a planetary system, but seems to be somewhere between the extremes in all other qualities of planetary system. ...
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Size of the solar system relative to exosystems

This is several questions - and not all can be confidently answerd at the time of writing due to observation bias which makes detection of far-out planets less likely with the most successful current ...
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How would a person know if a planet is orbiting a binary star?

You check the periodic frequency shift with the Doppler effect. The light from the two stars is not very suitable because each light source moves. Much better: The binary system (total mass $m_A\...
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Is an earth-sized moon orbiting a super-earth feasible?

This is an answer only to the second part of your question. If such an enormous moon somehow gets formed or captured, its tidal interaction with its host planet will follow the regular laws. If the ...
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