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What's the percentage of strange matter inside a star at any time?

Zero. Normal stars are not dense enough to produce strange matter. They have regular matter only (neutrons and protons). Strange matter has been hypothesized to form inside neutron stars, but this is ...
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What's the percentage of strange matter inside a star at any time?

Let me first underline two specific definitions of @Alexandre: We are looking for "matter", that means a finite region in space in thermal equilibrium. And we are looking for "...
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Scenarios: Abusing a black hole

Black holes are not "made of matter". They are better described as structures of gravity/warped spacetime. However, they do grow when absorbing things with positive mass-energy. Antimatter still has ...
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Have we detected spectra of exotic atoms in stars?

Yes, we look into stellar spectra searching for whatever exotics. This way new elements were discovered (helium, in solar chromosphere), exotic states of other elements not studied well in terrestrial ...
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Are we searching for supercriticality of exoplanet water via passive spectral analysis?

You wouldn't see the supercritical water: Typical solar-like molecular gas mixtures become optically thick at around 0.1-1 bars, so that's where the emission is going to come from, i.e. where most ...
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Can we see atomic positronium lines in space? What could be learned from it and what are current challenges to doing so?

The wavelengths of the lines you found are not problematic per se to observe, with space telescopes. If there were an isolated cloud of cold positronium nearby, we would have observed the lines in ...
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Why are WIMP dark matter particles, if Majorana-like, expected to annihilate upon contact? But not neutrinos?

Gluons actually annihilate, so do neutrinos, just more rarely than Neutralinos. Neutrinos, Gluons, WIMPS, Majorana particles are always neutral being a Truly Neutral Particle. These Majorana particles ...
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Can Quantum tunneling be possible within Blackhole ? And if so, could that be the source of Dark Energy?

Tunneling isn't possible, because the event horizon isn't a "forbidden region" with "permitted regions on both sides". In tunnelling you have a potential wall. Classical ...
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