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For questions about our own Galactic Center, the region around Sagittarius A*. For center of galaxies other than the Milky Way, use the tag [galaxy-center].

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Drawing stars in a 3D space

I'm using the Galactic Coordinates to draw stars in a 3D space, but I don't know how to do it. In the book "Practical Astronomy with your Calculator or Spreadsheet" I've found this: Where: ...
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Are there any (rough) estimates of stars' orbits around the galaxy?

The Sun orbits approximately 26,000 light years away from the galactic center. Are there any other known orbital parameters relative to the galactic plane for the Sun and other stars up to some ...
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How did the Milky Way quasar not disrupt life on Earth?

According to most sources of information I have found (A Quora answer and books), when galaxies become quasars, they destroy all life in their host galaxy, as they output so much radiation that they ...
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Calculating the angular momentum of stars from Gaia archive (Gaia DR3)

I am trying to calculate the angular momentum for a subset of stars from Gaia DR3. I have scanned the available fields in their database and could only find out the below fields that specifies the ...
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Where is the barycenter of the Milky Way Galaxy?

Is the barycenter of the Milky Way Galaxy located within the supermassive black hole, or its event horizon, at the center of our galaxy?
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Is the center of our galaxy, the Sagittarius A* black hole a former star?

If a black hole comes from a dying star, do we have a record or proof that our galactic center was once a huge ball of burning plasma? I'm not an astronomy student.
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What's the Right Ascension & Declination of Galactic Left & Galactic Right?

For the purpose of being able to align my model to the galactic plane, I want to know the directions of the galactic center, anti-center, north, south, left & right. This gives me the answer for ...
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What coordinate system is at rest relative to the center of the galaxy?

I am given equatorial coordinates and I need to transform them into a coordinate system that is at rest relative to the center of the galaxy. The closest thing I could find is galactic coordinates ...
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Why don't they make an image of the black hole in the M33 galaxy?

Since we see the Triangulum galaxy M33 from a quite vertical position (contrary to our Milky Way and a bit the Andromeda galaxy) it should be easy to image the black hole in the center of it, shouldn'...
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What percentage of a spiral galaxy is the center/bulge?

Is there a credible source that can tell me how big the bulge of a spiral galaxy is compared to the rest of the galaxy? Unfortunately, I could not find any.
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How do two supermassive black holes reach "the last parsec" in merging galaxies?

This answer to Why can't supermassive black holes merge? (or can they?) describes the barrier to merging that two supermassive black holes face when two galaxies are in the process of merging or have "...
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How do I find stars within milky way using galactic latitude and longitude

I have data that contains galactic latitude and longitude of stars. I have to determine all the stars that are within our milky way. How do I find it?
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How much greater is the star density in our galactic bar?

How much denser is it in the galactic bar than the "normal" density at the same radius? Is it just a few percent? or is it, say, "three times" as dense? Or are other factors at play: star brightness,...
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Do we know at which angle the Event Horizon Telescope will look at the accretion disk of Sagittarius A*?

Do we know at which angle the Event Horizon Telescope will look at the accretion disk of Sagittarius A*? Additionally, would it matter if we are exactly in the plane with the accretion disk, i.e. ...
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Does the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy have a black hole at its centre?

I am just wondering: is there a potential galactic centre out there that's very close to us? I know that CMDG is irregular, but can it still contain a black hole at the centre?
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What resolution is needed to see a quasar through the galactic center?

The center of the galaxy is densely packed with stars and obscured by a whole lot of dust between us and it. For those reasons, groups that study the motion of stars around the super-massive black-...
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