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That can be Draconids meteor shower. It's peak date was 8 October. So, there are quite great chances that you saw some of the meteors from Draconids. Also, meteors from showers can appear from anywhere, and go anywhere: they can go from high to low altitudes or even low to high. You also mentioned about color. As the meteors enter the atmosphere and burn up, ...


You may have seen some artificial satellites passing into the Earth's shadow. If so, Heavens-Above could help you identify them. The reddish color just before disappearance would be due to the atmosphere scattering shorter wavelengths of sunlight.


Stellarium shows the Moon and Mars very close together in the sky tonight (Saturday, 3rd October 2020), so yes, it was probably Mars that you saw. Moon and Mars on 2020/10/03 (Stellarium) Stellarium is a great tool for identifying astronomical objects (and satellites), and is absolutely free. Very rough rules of thumb for identifying planets by eye: Very ...

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