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Why does Mars have a jagged light curve?

To follow up on @JamesK's excellent answer and observations we can calculate the period of apparent oscillations due to the aliasing that arises from sampling at a frequency close to or below the ...
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Why does Mars have a jagged light curve?

My first guess was that this was "something to do with the moon" since there seems to be roughly a monthly periodicity. But looking more closely suggests that my first guess was wrong. The &...
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Which of the blocked radiation windows will (mostly) open if one where to observe from the surface of Mars, instead of the Earth?

Question 1: From Tokunaga (2000):The major atmospheric absorbers [in the infrared] are H2O [and OH], CO2, N2O, CH4, and O3. Question 2: X- and gamma rays: These would still be strongly attenuated even ...
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