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Degenerate object accretion - what happens after it becomes a PMO?

You are hypothesising that accretion can occur "piece by piece" from a compact object. This may not be the case. In both the situations you have proposed I believe any accretion could be a ...
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How much mass is lost in the red giant phase of a star?

The exact amount is not known - because the details of mass-loss in the later stages of a star's life are not well understood - but about $0.47M_\odot$. Details We can still attempt to answer the ...
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Which star has the highest mass loss rate?

Some very hot and massive stars have strong stellar winds, known spectroscopically as "P Cygni profiles" after the type star. P Cygni 'erupted' in the 17th century to magnitude 3 and is now ...
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Which star has the highest mass loss rate?

It is my impression that some sort of supernova is likely to be losing mass at the fastest rate for a short period of time. @fasterthanlight responded to my comment and sugggested that supernovae be ...
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