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Orbit equation solver giving wrong orbits

MAJOR EDIT! Upon further inspection, it appears the actual issue is that the axes of the rotation matrix are incorrect. Swapping r_z and r_y in the ...
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visible solid angle of the moon

In short, it is using small angle approximation. Long answer: From your equation: $ds = r^2d\Omega$, (I believe $r$ is the distance between Earth and Moon) You substitute: $ds = \frac{\pi D_l^2}{4}$ ...
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How to calculate moon's distance and parallax in it's altitude

As per wikipedia (source) $$ \begin{alignat}{3} \frac{d}{\mathrm{km}} = 385000.5584 & \ -\ 20905.3550 \cdot \cos(G_M) \\ & \ - \ 3699.1109 \cdot \cos(...
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Wrong results of calculating moon's altitude and azimuth

You need to normalize the sidereal time $theta0$ into the range 0...360 because the second term is hundreds or thousands of days ahead of or behind 2000 Jan 1.5 (JD 2451545.0) multiplied by 360.98.. ...
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