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If you would like a detailed idea of the environs of our Solar System and the locations and names of the stellar associations and nebulae with respect to the Milky Way galaxy as a whole, here is a comprehensive and readily understood illustrated report: <>


The Sun (and the solar system with it) orbits around the center of our galaxy. This orbit is a bit more complex than eg Earth's orbit around the Sun, but the big picture view is about the same. Our galaxy is moving relative to other galaxies in our local group, and there is also some movement towards the Great Attractor.


One way for you to find out would be to look at lists of stars within varius distance limits of Earth. For example Wikipedia has: That lists all the stars and brown dwarfs out to a distance of 5.0 parsecs or 16.3 light years from earth. Counting by star systems and not by individual stars, ...

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