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Michel Dennefeld has written an arXiv paper, "A history of the Magellanic Clouds and the European exploration of the Southern Hemisphere" which goes into the history of the European discovery of the Magellanic Clouds and the history of the name. The term Magellanic clouds appears to have originated with sailors, as noted by Edmond Halley in his ...


This question has been asked before on the Space Exploration page. In summary, the term used is system, e.g. the 'Jupiter system'.


From W. Lassell (1852) in Astronomische Nachrichten vol. 34: "Beobachtungen der Uranus-Satelliten" (Observations of the satellites of Uranus): In these tables I have for facility of reference employed a nomenclature of the satellites of Uranus proposed at my request by Sir John Herschel and selected by him from fairy mythology. The most distant of ...

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