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Are spacecraft visits to Uranus and Neptune hard to plan?

Uranus and Neptune are far - in orders of light-hours away. It took Voyager 2 nearly a decade to reach Uranus since its launch, costing almost $1B to build it in the first place. It's not that we can'...
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When was the last time a total solar eclipse on Neptune courtesy of Triton occured, and when will be the next?

According to Wikipedia, all of Neptune's inner moons can cause solar eclipses. At that distance, "the Sun's angular diameter is reduced to one and a quarter arcminutes across". Triton has an ...
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Why is Neptune a darker blue than Uranus?

According to a new study the images of Neptune that we usually see are colour-enhanced to pick out features and that actually Uranus and Neptune are pretty much the same colour.
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Are spacecraft visits to Uranus and Neptune hard to plan?

They're expensive for sure, and you will be giving something up if you plan and build for such a mission. Since Voyager, the priorities haven't aligned for any such mission to be chosen over other ...
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