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I live far out in the country under very dark skies. I walk my dogs every night after midnight. Summer temps in the 90's. Winter temps get down to -40 deg. I have been doing this for over twenty years. As an amateur astronomer I do pay close attention to the sky whenever I am outside at night. No romance in the seasons. If anything the skies are the darkest ...


To add to Rob Jeffries answer, there are a couple of other factors. Meteorology: when a cold front passes over a location, relatively warm cloudy conditions are followed by rain, and the cooler clearer skies. It may also be windier, which can lead to the brighter stars twinking more, which probably emphaises the clearness. It is also thought that the ...


Yes. Clear skies allow the Earth to cool more effectively at night. If there are clouds, these re-radiate some portion of the infrared flux from the Earth back towards the ground, keeping it warmer.


This assumes that the stars formed at the same time as the Earth. This is not the case. Stars had been forming for billions of years since the Earth formed. The Earth didn't form in a single day, but for convenience let's pick one Early day in the Earth's formation as "day 0". On day 0 light from many stars that had been travelling for years ...

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