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When did Venus get as hot as it is now?

According to current models and computer simulations, Venus was a water world many billion years ago but due to the close proximity to it's host star, Sun or Sol, the water was Photocatalytically ...
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When did Venus reach approximate radiation equilibrium?

If we assume that energy transport in atmospheres happens purely via radiation, then we can estimate a simple adjustment time to an exchange of exterior forcing factors (change in mean solar angle, ...
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Does the Sun have different unique orbits around barycenters?

There's only one barycenter for the solar system, which includes the impact from every planet, asteroid, comet, and space probe in the solar system. The path the sun takes around that barycenter is ...
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Moons with synchronous rotation in our solar system

At Pluto the non-locking condition becomes quite notable. Pluto and Charon are double-locked, of course, but the smaller moons that orbit farther out all rotate much faster than their orbital periods. ...
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