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If an earthquake happens on Mars, is it still an earthquake?

As pointed out in the comments, some do prefer to use different terms for quakes on other bodies, and you can see here that "marsquake" does have scholarly usage. That said, there is also scholarly ...
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Are planet-destroying quakes possible or observable?

A planet-ripping earthquake isn't possible on Earth. For a magnitude 10.5 Richter scale earthquake, one would need twice the fault lines that exist on Earth according to the USGS. The same website ...
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How many quakes have been detected by InSight?

This is the latest catalogue from seismic events recorded by InSight: Mars Seismic Catalogue, InSight Mission; V5 2021-01-04. This report includes seismic events up to October 12, 2020. These ...
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How strong are the strongest Ioquakes?

I did not find any Richter-scale numbers for Io, probably since there are no direct measurements yet, or how atmosphericprisonescape puts it: Nobody put a seismometer on Io yet, so we don't know. The ...
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