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How to calculate radio luminosity at a certain frequency from observed radio flux density at another frequency?

You do have a single data point from a complete spectrum - and you want to extrapolate this datapoint to another frequency. One can do that, if the physics governing the spectral behaviour are known ...
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Type Error: WCS.slice() takes from 2 to 3 positional arguments but 4 were given

I think the best option is to just change line 3 to: wcs2d = wcs1[:, :, 0] But if you really want to use astropy.wcs.WCS.slice()...
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How can maser emission be unpolarized?

The polarisation of masers is associated with Zeeman components produced by magnetic fields threading the masing medium. The level of polarisation and splitting of the Zeeman components tells you ...
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Has SETI searched the solar system for life?

If you mean SETI search by radio signals, afaik they would have already shown in our records if they came from within the solar system. If you mean generic search for life, yes, a lot of effort has ...
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