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Rotation direction of Pulsars

Does the Earth rotate clockwise or anticlockwise? If you are floating above the north pole of Earth you would see the Earth rotating anticlockwise(*) if you were floating above the south pole, you ...
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Do relativistically measured rotation speeds (Special Relativity) change planetary mass slightly through Lorentz transformation?

No. The idea of relativistic mass is an outdated concept. There are many questions over on the Physics Stack Exchange about this. Mass is an invariant quantity in GR and SR. It does not change due to ...
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What else can we learn from a Foucault pendulum? Have they ever been used to determine anything more than that the Earth rotates on its axis?

Well, you can calculate your Latitude by observing how long the pendulum takes to complete a full circle. With many thanks to "d_e" for correcting my original statement. the time to ...
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