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Some of the images shown in your question are not colored or colorized, it is not a false color; it's the real color. The calculations that are made to produce the false colors that are used on colorized image datasets are shown in the file, where the exact RGB values are provided. Where a false color is chosen it is done so (for SDO and some ...


The function of a telescope or your eye is to translates angles into distances on a detector. You can see in the figure below (from Hyperphysics' excellent telescope page: that rays of light coming from a single object (such an unresolved point of light from a star in space) enter the telescope ...


A particular point in the image is formed by the convergence of all the rays of light that leave from that point in the object, and bounce off the mirror. As long as there are some rays that can do that, then the only effect of the secondary is to block some of the rays, dimming those parts of the image slightly.

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