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The alignment of three or more astronomical bodies is referred to as a syzygy, from the Greek "suzugos", meaning "yoked together". Parenthetically, it is also a favorite word for crossword puzzles (helpful hint).


If you think outside the Earth-Moon system, but look at the planetary system as-is now, the planets experience just that what you refer to when looking from Earth. This phenomenon is commonly called conjunction, referring the apparent places of Sun and the planet falling (nearly) into the same place on the celestial sphere (we have to exclude the 'inferior ...


The Sun won't pass between the Earth and the Moon in the near future, because the Sun is so much further away from the Earth, than the Moon. When the three are nearly co-linear, either the Earth blocks sunlight to the Moon (a lunar eclipse), or the Moon blocks sunlight to the Earth (a solar eclipse). But just because this is impossible in the near future, ...


Of course it’s a silly question as stated and you clearly know it. But such things (with bodies other than the sun earth and moon) do exist, where one object passes in front of another from our point of view blocking our view. They go by the generic name of “occultation”. Solar eclipses are occultation too (the moon is said to be occulting the sun) but they ...

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