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Is the dark side of the earth protected from the risks of solar flares?

Nope Solar flares don't work like "A massive blob of hot gas hitting the bright side of the Earth" It's more similar to "A stream of ionized plasma that 'hits' the Earth's magnetic ...
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Why do CME's "zig-zag" on their way to Earth?

Why do CME's “zig-zag” on their way to Earth? They don't. Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) do not jump back-and-forth as they propagate outward. Their general shape does get distorted due to mass ...
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What would Aurora look like if no magnetic field was present around the Earth?

I was looking through some sites and came across this - This clearly mentions how, if the magnetosphere surrounding the Earth weakens, the Auroras ...
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Ground Induced Currents on Mars

There is no net internal magnetic field to perturb, so how could one induce currents? The effect arises on Earth because some transient event (e.g., coronal mass ejection or CME) hits Earth's ...
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