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Bica 5 open cluster

Yes, this is the fifth cluster in the catalogue by produced by Eduardo Bica et al. You can see its listing in a list of clusters. That notes it is also known as MWSC 1964 and you can find it in Simbad....
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If a cluster of stars in dynamical equilibrium falls into a much larger blob of dark matter, will it get hotter and expand? Will it stop?

Yes, what you are proposing is essentially the accretion of dwarf galaxies/globular clusters onto larger bound objects. As the gravitationally bound cluster falls towards the more massive object, it ...
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Pleiades galactic coordinates

You can use a coordinate converter, such as the one found here to change from RA, Dec to $l, b$. The coordinates of an object do not directly tell you whether something is a thick/thin disk object, ...
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Unusual amount of white dwarfs in star clusters in my analysis

You don't have a horizontal branch, which would have an absolute magnitude of $\sim 2$ and you don't have a massive population of white dwarfs, which have a sequence that parallels the main sequence ...
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