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I emailed the authors of the paper, asking whether blue dwarf stars could "become hot enough to pass the thresholds for Type B or Type O" and one of them replied: "We use the term 'blue' to mean 'bluer', so that when stars become blue, they get hotter than their usual main sequence temperatures. ... The point of the paper is that smaller stars get ...


It might be orion as in this season it is pretty clear in India. Orion have three stars in a somewhat straight line. From's planetarium at 19:00 Indian time near the center of the subcontinent, Orion's Belt is high in the sky and extends from the East-Southeast vertically towards the zenith.


Elliptic orbits with the focus at the centre of mass (the barycentre) are the solution to the "two body problem". The wikipedia page on the central force problem shows how the two body problem can be reduced to solving two central force problems. Therefore the elliptical solution to the central force problem also solves the two body problem, and in ...


Remember that there are millions of stars in that central hub between the black hole and us. We are seeing their light. The fact that there is a black hole behind them is not relevant.

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