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Sideways crescent moon in Maryland

Imagine the crescent moon as a bow about to draw an arrow. The arrow will always point towards the sun. The Moon’s orbit is tilted by about 5° relative to an imaginary line in the sky called the ...
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Moon's equation of the centre discrepancy

It's Wikipedia. What do you expect? Perfection and consistency? Those are bad expectations. There are many Wikipedia articles that have internal inconsistencies, let alone multiple Wikipedia articles ...
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Does the Earth constantly lose mass?

Apart from the mainly correct replies so far, and just considering the mass of the planet in terms of mass lost to space, or gained from outside, we keep losing some mass from our atmosphere, both ...
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Does the Earth constantly lose mass?

No energy is needed for the moon to keep going straight ahead in space that is curved by earth's gravity. Which makes "straight ahead" being orbital around the earth.
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Does the Earth constantly lose mass?

Earth does not lose mass to the moon's orbit. However, there are a few ways it can lose energy to gravitational effects. One way it can lose energy is to gravitational slingshotting, from satellites, ...
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Does the Earth constantly lose mass?

You are wrong that "to keep any object in circular motion requires energy" In a circular orbit, the force of gravity is always perpendicular to the motion of the moon, so no work is done by ...
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