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Questions relating to the discovery of a new ninth planet (not Pluto) hypothesized in the Solar System.
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Questions regarding disks of gas, dust, and plasma around a central object, such as a black hole, which takes in the matter.
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Questions about the observation of celestial objects by non-professional astronomers.
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The corresponding particles of opposite charge to the particles of conventional matter (e.g. the positron is the antiparticle of the electron)
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Questions regarding how bright an object appears to be.
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Questions about man-made objects orbiting astronomical objects.
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Questions about the large ring of rocky bodies between Mars and Jupiter.
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Questions regarding relatively small rocky bodies in an orbit around the Sun.
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Questions about oscillations, or quakes in stars, where energy is transmitted as seismic waves.
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Questions about the origins of life on Earth, and the existence and detection of extraterrestrial life.
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Questions about the chemical reactions that occur in the interstellar medium.
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Questions about the measuring the position of stars, and the techniques used to do this.
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Questions involving the physics of the universe, especially the nature of astronomical objects, energy fields, and/or regions, rather than their positions or motions in space.
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