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Why don't astronomers use meters to measure astronomical distances?
9 votes

Along with the other answers, there is one other reason, specifically when measuring the distances to other galaxies. When stating the distance to other galaxies, Astronomers rarely ever state the ...

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How are galaxies moving so much and why are they moving?
2 votes

There are several sources of movement for galaxies. Galaxies may rotate. Galaxies are formed essentially from matter collapsing under gravity into "clumps". This process isn't uniform due to ...

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Usage of $\sim$, $\approx$, $\simeq$, and $\cong$ in observational astronomy?
1 votes

As an (ex) professional astronomer, I can tell you that there are no rules that are followed. There are very very few exact measurements in Astronomy, x rarely technically equals anything. In ...

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