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If the axial tilt of Uranus (97°) was caused by a giant impact, then why do its moons orbit around its equator at the same tilt (≈97°)?
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The suspected theory of a giant impact most likely happened during the formation of our Solar System around 3 - 4 billion years ago. It is assumed that an Earth-size or larger proto-planet collided ...

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Is the point of this paper to say that Pluto's status as a planet should have been handled scientifically, rather than by a vote?
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To respond to the question as is: yes the paper is trying to point out that the concensus was not scientific. However, this claim is not true at all. In order to understand how classifications within ...

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Adjective for things outside our solar system
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To cut it short, while there is no definitive term, things outside of our solar system is usually referred as Interstellar. When we talk about things outside of our solar system, we either talk ...

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Movement of the Sun in space
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The sun revolves around the galactic centre and completes one revolution in approximately 250 million years. The Sun's orbit is around 25,000 light years away from the galactic centre. Other than ...

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