Alistair Riddoch

more of a traveller, than an academic, with a long history of talking to individuals in varied disciplines, while either developing software for their use, or helping them figure out how to get the best out of information systems. my education includes some computer programming, statistics, philosophy, pneumatics, business. my experiences include oil research, bloos gas analysis, direct computer to live human nerve cell control and response monitoring, tire production and quality control, quality control on helical brake tubes, the mapping out of underground mining tunnels, address tracking and verification, newspaper circulation, production, and administration, ERP systems for automotive sompanies, phone systems, food production and automation (cereal, baked goods, live chicken processing), appliance production and testing, plastic research and production, automation and control, car part production, quality, tracking, scheduling and distribution, computer networking and communications, metal refining, construction trades and sites, engine control and testing, carpet production, educational material production for data collection equipment. So not so much school of books, but a lot of school of life. then add several years of almost pure personal research into climate, physics, global mysteries, and models of the universe. Whatever chose to capture my interest. :-D

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