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Hi! I'm Ricardo, aka SpacePotato and SaltyPotato… and… others I can’t recall.

I live in NYC. I’m from Venezuela. Currently working as a VFX compositor by day and hacker by night… except when I’m sleeping (which is most nights)

I started using computers when I needed to burn video games on CDs to play on my PlayStation 2.

When I was 13, I got my hands on a Wii console. I learned how to hack it to get free games. My mind was blown away by the fact that a program that was not made by their own company could break the security of the system. After that I wanted to learn how to make a program and understand computers at the core level and thus began my journey of learning programming languages like C/C++, Python, and Assembly. Since then I have been learning more about Reverse Engineering and programming languages in general.

In my free time, I reverse engineer software and send reports back to companies for them to fix the problems. I play video games. And I study a bunch about servers, networking, programming, and electronics.

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