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Why is Starlink polluting the night sky a big concern if we have space telescopes?
7 votes

One thing I always like to add is that ground based telescopes benefit from being able to take huge amounts of data. The Vera Rubin Observatory will have a 3.5 Gigapixel camera. There are proposals to ...

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What's the minimal argument I can give to reject The Geocentric Universe?
1 votes

I always think the strongest demonstration that the earth moves is using a Foucault Pendulum at different latitudes. If you combine this with Eratosthenes measurement of the circumference of the earth,...

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Can automatic algorithms completely eliminate the impact of Starlink and other satellites?
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No, you can't perfectly subtract out satellite trails from images. The root problem is that astronomical cameras are essentially photon counters. Any time you are counting, you are limited by Poisson ...

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