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Michaël Le Barbier
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I am a professional mathematician and programmer working as infrastructure consultant at ThoughtWorks®. I love to write free software on my free time or to post on my blog.

Sample answers

Sample free software I write

Confidence – A simple and straightforward test framework for Common Lisp.

Rashell, Rashell — a resilient, replicant, shell programming library for OCaml. This library provides primitives to start external processes and gather their output. It differs from many similar facilities in the way it easily manage errors, using monads for operations.

bsdowl — A collection of BSD Make directives aiming at being a universal build system.

Lemonade — A monad library for OCaml, including a PPX rewriter. A sibling project provides [monadic stream interface to sqlite][7].

blueprint — A METAPOST library for blueprints, useful to project maangers and system designers.

cadet — An alternative TeX format, typesetting my documents since 2000.

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