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Are the stars distributed in uniform distribution, on the celestial dome, with respect to brightness?
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Alright I finally finished this program so I could take a look at each tier individually and see for myself. First of all, the projection type does indeed matter, so I will explain it here. It needs ...

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Why do some solar eclipses' umbra cross arctic/antarctic regions?
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I wanted to ask this question even though I realized the correct geometry in the middle of typing it. So I will answer this myself. First of all, the sub-lunar point never exceeds 28.545 N/S. If you'...

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Which is the shape of the sky?
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For computer software, the easiest way to take a sphere (and/or hemisphere) and flatten it into a flat shape (usually a rectangle) is the equi-rectangular projection (also known as the plate carrée), ...

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