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Lunar Librations and Subsolar Point in Matlab

So I have been trying to write a program to generate the latitude and longitude of the lunar subsolar point in Matlab. I have the ephemeris data from aero toolbox, but I can't seem to get values that ...
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For how many solar system bodies do recent JPL Development Ephemerides include libration?

Since the Earth and the Moon are so gravitationally and tidally engaged and the laser ranging data so precise, the JPL Development Ephemerides are based on extensive modeling of the Earth-Moon system ...
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What are all the contributions to libration; is there a self-consistent formalism?

If I understand correctly, in a two-body system with at least one of them more-or-less tidally locked (mean rotational period = mean orbital period) if we draw a line between the centers of mass and ...
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Was lunar libration first observed or first predicted? In either case, who was the responsible party?

How old is the idea of the far side of the Moon? got me thinking that as soon as we see the moon librate we have to come to terms with there being even more of it we can't see. The Moon's libration is ...
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