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Questions about the Chandra X-ray Obseravatory, the NASA satellite for X-ray astronomy.

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What is this object visible in the Chandra image of the Cartwheel galaxy that isn't visible in JWST image?

In the below images I aligned an image from Chandra of the Cartwheel galaxy over the image from JWST. The first is the Chandra image pasted on top, fully opaque. The second is just the JWST image, and ...
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How does a galaxy in Abell 2261 exist without a black hole in the center?

Here a source says that astronomers looked for a black hole in the brightest galaxy in the cluster Abell 2261, A2261-BCG, but found nothing: However, X-ray observations from NASA's Chandra X-ray ...
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Why would a black hole have a disk, but not emit x-rays?

There's a recent paper in Nature about LB-1, a B-class star orbiting a massive black hole. I don't understand how these two parts of the paper can be reconciled. On page 2, the authors argue that the ...
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Fits file re-alignment

I would like to re-align an image using a reference image (taken from GAIA). I am aware of the software Koords developed by the Karma team: ...
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