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Compute footprint of a region observed with EPIC-PN

Given the coordinates of an observation performed by XMM-Newton, is there a way to compute the coordinates of the limits of EPIC-PN's field of view? For instance, observation ...
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How can the Sun block an X-ray telescope from observing a QPO galaxy "for several years"?'s Black hole's heart still beating says: X-ray satellite observations spotted the repeated beat after its signal had been blocked by our Sun for a number of years. and links to the Open ...
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How is it determined that the X-ray and radio intensity come from a magnetic field bridge between two clusters of galaxies?

Gizmodo's Astronomers Spot Mysterious, 10-Million-Light-Year-Long Magnetic Field Connecting Two Galaxy Clusters shows the image below, and's A Weird 'Radio Bridge' 10 Million-Light Years ...
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